My first time with Annie Sloan


Upcycling geeks will be familiar with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, for those who don’t spend all day browsing DIY blogs (if my bosses are reading – I mean all day at the weekend…) it’s an amazing paint that DIYers worship. You can create amazing effects with it – use it matt, wax it, crackle it, layer colours and more. It’s SO nice to paint with! I didn’t experiment with texture at all on this project but I will soon. Painting furniture is the quickest transformation (significantly quicker than stripping paint back off – more on paint stripping soon!) Continue reading


Getting going on decorating the hall, stairs and landing

So we’ve now been in the house for just over seven months – I expected to have a lot more done by now! I’m sure all first time homeowners must feel this way. Just unpacking took a long time, never mind decorating or any rooms that need plastering etc. before we can get on with the fun stuff.

But we have finished one room (even though we’ve already got some plans to change things, more soon!). And now we’ve made a start on the hall, stairs and landing. Here’s the inspiration:

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Homemade art

My mum recently sent all my childhood belongings down to me in London – I agreed to this and didn’t ask how much stuff I had. I had thirteen boxes.

Excitingly one of them contained my A Level Art projects, some of which Tom and I actually like enough to display in our home.

None of these are mounted and framed yet which will obviously make them look more professional but here are our choices:


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5 organising ideas I’m going to try this January

First thing on my list clearly needs to be posting more frequently! Don’t worry – Tom and I have lots of things planned for the house this year so there’ll be plenty to share.

It’s the month of New Year’s resolutions – how are yours going? I’m now 24 days into my dry January (can you tell by the counting that I’m struggling!), just one weekend to go :) The gym is also going well, I looked back on my running log from when I started at the end of 2011 and I’m really pleased to see some progress.

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4 simple Christmas projects

This year I discovered the world of blogging and the DIY section on Buzzfeed so it was only a matter of time before I started contributing to that world myself. Ideally this post would have been four more detailed posts but the Christmas season is busy! Hope you don’t mind me squishing four projects into one post, I’ve been spending more time crafting than writing.

An expensive year (not enjoying having no landlord to call for broken boilers now we’re owners!) means this Christmas my whole family are receiving lovingly handmade gifts.

And they’re project number one:

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O Christmas Tree

It seems that the done thing this week is to blog about our Christmas tree. Given that ours is our first tree in this house I think it is somewhat worthy of a post. But I don’t think the tree alone is really all that exciting so I’ve a few other treats to share.

First, our tree. Now as those of you who’ve set up home with a significant other will know – everyone has very defined ideas about Christmas, me included, and suggesting compromises to family traditions is a challenge. One thing we did agree on was getting a fake tree. One off cost. Space to store it in the attic. No pine needles to clear. Kittens can’t destroy it. Nice and symmetrical.

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