Getting going on decorating the hall, stairs and landing

So we’ve now been in the house for just over seven months – I expected to have a lot more done by now! I’m sure all first time homeowners must feel this way. Just unpacking took a long time, never mind decorating or any rooms that need plastering etc. before we can get on with the fun stuff.

But we have finished one room (even though we’ve already got some plans to change things, more soon!). And now we’ve made a start on the hall, stairs and landing. Here’s the inspiration:


The plan is to have the top of the walls bright white (to match the ceiling), the lower part of the walls dark grey and all the woodwork gloss white. At the moment it’s all sort of yellow. The whole house is magnolia/yellow/beige.

We’d like a unit for shoe storage, we’ll probably go with IKEA’s HEMNES Shoe Cabinet:



And eventually the plan is to tile the hall, add underfloor heating and have some sort of lovely multi-string light fitting. This may be a future DIY project for me.

White walls…

I really love the flock wallpaper in our hall, even more so now we’ve painted it bright white:


IMG_3399 Untitled-1

As well as an extending roller I taped a paintbrush to a broomstick to reach the corners (professional I know!). This meant we managed without a ladder but I don’t think we’ll manage to get gloss on the window at the top of the stairs – one to work out still…

What do you think? Obviously a work in progress but I think we’re heading in the right direction.

Here are the colours we’ve been looking at for the lower half, we’re going with the option on the left – Slate Vinyl Matt from Wickes.


It’s not as dark as it looks in this photo at all! (I really need to get better at photography.) Here’s a better idea:


In theory we’ll be done by the end of this weekend so expect another update soon… *fingers crossed*


Over to you, what do you think?

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