My first time with Annie Sloan


Upcycling geeks will be familiar with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, for those who don’t spend all day browsing DIY blogs (if my bosses are reading – I mean all day at the weekend…) it’s an amazing paint that DIYers worship. You can create amazing effects with it – use it matt, wax it, crackle it, layer colours and more. It’s SO nice to paint with! I didn’t experiment with texture at all on this project but I will soon. Painting furniture is the quickest transformation (significantly quicker than stripping paint back off – more on paint stripping soon!)

Tom bought me this book for Christmas:


This confirmed the need for some Annie Sloan for my furniture make over (not that it needed to given the blogosphere love) and provided some tips.

So, what did I take on?



From my childhood bedroom. With this fetching design spray painted all over:


The trunk originally came from my grandparents attic, both me and my sister had one. The inside of mine is covered with lining paper which me, my sister and friends have all signed.

The trunk was always missing one of the front pieces of wood so a quick trip to Homebase for a replacement and some nails sorted that out (after the first coat of paint, couldn’t wait to crack open the Annie Sloan!):


Another coat of paint and the addition of some foam, wadding and the leftover fabric from my headboard was all that I needed to finish this project. I think it would be nice to cover the inside with some nice fabric but I don’t really want to cover up my doodles :)


And here’s the finished product – I think it gets George’s approval.


Inspired to upcycle something lying around your house? I’d love to hear about it!


Over to you, what do you think?

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