5 organising ideas I’m going to try this January

First thing on my list clearly needs to be posting more frequently! Don’t worry – Tom and I have lots of things planned for the house this year so there’ll be plenty to share.

It’s the month of New Year’s resolutions – how are yours going? I’m now 24 days into my dry January (can you tell by the counting that I’m struggling!), just one weekend to go :) The gym is also going well, I looked back on my running log from when I started at the end of 2011 and I’m really pleased to see some progress.


But back to the point of this post – some organising ideas I’m going to try this month.

1. First up, sheets

I love having fresh sheets on the bed, but hate trying to find ones the right size or a matching set in the mess that is my current storage.

So I’m going to try this:


2. Genius storage spot

Next, don’t you hate it when you can’t find a dispenser for your laundry liquid? Some days you seem to have millions then right when you need to get a wash on quickly they’re all gone. (In our house it’s probably the case that a kitten pinched it.) If this is you then I’m sure you’ll agree that this is genius:


3. Making decorating as mess free as possible

I love the speedy impact that you can have with painting (well speedy compared to other home improvements) but I HATE the mess. This is definitely going on my list for preparing when we do our next room.


4. Plates, bowls, cups etc.

This idea strays into shopping (it was only a matter of time). We’re still using the plates I bought to take to University (2 blue edged dinner plates from Woolworth’s), one plate scavenged from a previous place I rented, all mixed in with a nice set my grandparents got me. The set is only 4 of everything so while it’s very nice, it’s not enough if we have more than two people round. There’s a similar situation going on with the cups and bowls, glasses are slightly better but we could do with more everyday tumblers. Wouldn’t it be nice if my kitchen cupboard looked like this:


So I’m going to follow the tips on simplyfabulousliving.com and hopefully end up with something along those lines…

5. Scarves

Finally,  my scarves. I have to confess, I’m an addict. I don’t know how many scarves I have. Some might say too many, to be honest I’d say not enough! But at the moment they’re all in a cupboard where I can’t see them so I rotate between two or three each day. I just found this post of 51 options! I’m quite attracted to this option for inside my wardrobe doors but I’ll have to have a think:


So, what do you think? Will you be getting organised this January too?

PS – for more ideas click the photos to see where I got them from :)


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