The first big reveal

20131202-211512.jpgFirst room. Done.

I’m so pleased to have started the decorating! Clearly there’s still a lot to do to make this room more of a home. This photo in particular shows how bare the walls are – time to find some art and photos.

You may be thinking – where did the purple come from? There were no purple paint samples on the walls. These were my preferred options for the accent colour:


But sharing a house is about compromising and I actually like how this turned out, particularly at the moment while we’re making the house all festive.

You’ve probably also noticed the tree – we put it up in November! I know, far too early but we couldn’t resist. Our Christmas tree last year was just one foot tall to fit in our tiny flat. I’ll post next week with details of some home-made decorations I’ve been working on.


3 thoughts on “The first big reveal

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