This is no longer ‘news’ having been announced 3 weeks ago but I couldn’t let this moment pass without some attention.

For those not obsessed with IKEA to quite the same extent as me – they have announced that the EXPEDIT shelving range is being discontinued. All is not lost, it’s being replaced with the more slimline KALAX. This, we’re told, has the same dimensions as EXPEDIT so all the accessories will fit.

The EXPEDIT is the basis of my prized IKEA hack – my upholstered storage headboard


It’s also the first piece of furniture Tom and I bought together which used to be in our kitchen/lounge and is now in the office.

IMG_0850 (1)

And it’s where I store my kittens


So goodbye EXPEDIT! I’ve heard panic buying has been happening (no sign of it in IKEA Croydon) but tempted as I am I don’t actually *need* new shelves right now… Although…


Over to you, what do you think?

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