Getting ready to decorate our first room…

Having now been in our house for over four months I couldn’t face the idea of getting to Christmas without at least one room decorated. We’ve got lots of plans to have people round for meals and drinks so starting with the living room/ dining room seemed like the best idea. It’s also the only room that we’ve not got massive plans to change so the easiest one to start with and one that doesn’t involve us finding a plasterer.

Now I did put a little bit of thought into this room before we moved… I say ‘a little’, it would probably be more accurate to say a lot. I’ve been collecting a scrap-book for a while (as well as developing a house magazine addiction), so here’s some of the things that inspire how I’d like the room to look (note ‘I’ not ‘we’, Tom has his own ideas…).

photo (8)

The last few weeks I’ve started popping into B&Q on my way home from work (and on my way to work actually, sometimes at lunch, I may have a problem!) picking up paint samples:


Then last weekend we chose a colour and got on with it! Really pleased we got the whole thing done over one weekend – cleaning, painting and returning the room to normal. Only one problem along the way with the delivery of the wrong paint but that did lead us to discover Bell Green Retail Park over in Sydenham which I think we may be paying a few more trips to over the coming year.

I’ll reveal the final look soon – just need to take some nice photos first to do our hard work justice.


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