IKEA hack number two

As predicted, getting kittens has distracted us from doing anything else remotely useful. They are endless fun and are entertained by the oddest things. Loo rolls (they think they’re Andrex puppies) and crisp bags tied in knots are two current favourites.

So due to the fluffy distractions this is now an old project but still a story worth telling.

Our front bedroom had fitted wardrobes which we hated so T had a great time ripping them out. We replaced them with a pair of IKEA wardrobes.

before and after wardrobes

Ignoring the years of interesting wallpaper we’ve revealed I’m much happier with these (although not so happy with my photography – the nice estate agent pic on the left makes me miss the old room a little!). Lots still to be done to finish the room but we’re getting there.

So, where’s the story? I don’t have a great history of buying the correct sized IKEA wardrobes. In our last flat I bought them too tall. This time too wide.

The alcove on the left is frustratingly not the same size as the space on the right by about 10 centimetres. Rough measures which didn’t take into account the unevenness of the walls (still getting used to an old building) led to us finding out that the gap on the left was about two centimetres too narrow for the 100 centimetre wide wardrobe.

We only realised this once we had all the packaging opened and pieces ready to assemble in the room. I know, I should have learnt my lesson last time.

But having spent a lot of time browsing IKEA Hackers we weren’t going to be beaten by a measly two centimetres!

After a lot of manoeuvring, removing a Victorian skirting board and many re-measuring attempts we stumbled on a solution. By placing the sides of the wardrobe on top of the base instead of either side of it we saved the two centimetres. We did the same at the top, placing the top on top of the sides rather than between them.

wardrobe fix

This just left the issue of the doors – 50 centimetres wide each.

This is the part of our solution I’m most proud of. Look back at the before/ after pic – doors look normal right? Two 50 centimetre doors with metal handles? Wrong. Here’s the inside of the doors on our hacked wardrobe…

wardrobe fix 2

Awesome right? T says he prefers the giant door anyway.


14 thoughts on “IKEA hack number two

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  3. Oh nooooo! What have you done?? It was so pretty before! How could you put in dark furniture in this small room? :( i really hope you changed the wallpaper, though. But great job done wiith the hack!
    – pam

    • Thanks for your comment on the hack. The darkness is just my poor photography compared to the estate agent, it’s not a small room at all. The wallpaper hasn’t been fixed since we took out the fitted cupboards – they really weren’t pretty in real life: home made, lined with wood chip and taking over the room.

  4. In the before photo, was the cabinetry in front of that center area? If that’s the case, you’re gaining that additional depth on either side that was formerly lost. I can see wanting to regain the space, but that white wall looked really nice. :) You may want to remove any excess wall paper and then paint the wall. If you do that, take another “after” photo. :)

    • We just put screws up through the base into the sides. Because it’s tightly fitted into the gap we didn’t need to worry about stability so much. Inside there’s a rail at the top and in the middle which helps too.

    • Hi lola,

      Yes we just screwed the sections together. There’s no shelves in our Pax, just two rails. Because we’ve reduced the size if you wanted to use a Pax shelf you’d have to trim it down to fit, we cut a little off the rails to make them fit.

      Are you doing something similar?


  5. Hi,

    We attached the two individual doors together to make one giant door and hinged on just one side.

    Does that explain? Are you also trying to get an IKEA wardrobe in a small gap?

    We’ve actually finished decorating the room now completely so I really must post the finished product!


    • Ah! Thanks, it’s clear now!
      I have a similar situation, I didn’t measute properly and I’m missing 1cm… I don’t think this way will work for me because my configuration of doors is 200 cm sliding doors + 1 50cm normal door
      Thanks for the inspiration!

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