A (not quite) mirrored dressing table

I have always wanted a dressing table, but I’ve never had one. I had my eye on a mirrored dressing table, something like this:

This one is from Next, but unfortunately it’s outside my budget.

So I kept my eyes peeled and found this beauty in the British Heart Foundation furniture store in Lewisham.


It just needed a little sprucing up…

01ddef84124759248cab9a09e65bcd64404ba02fad 011b3393280270e538b83c2fcb37c670a9c8e6c25a012da0764a1f19d7580118d7662577028fd55a69cf0127bb03ea6efad5503c9be44809ec991673db312301d29954def2b13c8c78f901c03d523f3adf1a5cd2

New handles, new lining paper, new legs, a quick coat of paint (left in the shed by the previous owners of our house) and a ton of silver leaf. This is the finished article, along with the stool made from left over bits from making the headboard.



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