My first IKEA hack

In the first in a series I’m going to call ‘Sam and T are bad at measuring-things-before-buying-them we bought a massive bed and left ourselves no room for bedside cabinets. But this turned out to be one of those problems that turns into something good.

I love the massive bed as much as I love sleep, but I also love having somewhere to  charge my iPhone and put a glass of water… ok, it’s actually a sports bottle of Ribena. So a headboard with storage behind it seemed like the perfect solution, we just needed to find one.

This, the IKEA Malm storage headboard, seemed perfect. The shelves slide out to the side when you want to access them:

ikea malm 3-piece queen size headboard birch craigslist austin 100

But, 1) it seems to have been discontinued, 2) it’s not wide enough to fit behind a super king size bed and 3) the colour is wrong for the room.

So after much Googling to try to find something similar we realised we weren’t going to find what we needed. It was time for us to become IKEA Hackers.

This is what we made:


And here’s how…

I used:

  • Two IKEA Expedit 5 x 1 shelving units in black brown
  • Four IKEA Expedit draw units in gloss grey
  • 2 bits of MDF – one shelf for the top and one for the actual headboard
  • 4 metres of fabric
  • 51 self-cover buttons
  • Strong thread
  • One saw
  • A power drill
  • Staple gun and a million staples
  • Four hinges

First I sawed down the 5 x 1 shelves to make them into 3 x 1 units a better height for the room (the spare parts have s far been made into a stool, more on that another day). I say ‘I’, but I was actually rubbish at this, T stepped in to finish off the sawing.

Then I tided up the tops of both units and attached the MDF shelf (covered in the fabric) using hinges at the back so that we can still reach into the gap between the shelving units once it’s all assembled.


We actually then left it like this for a couple of weeks, many lost pillows down that gap!

Finally, I used this tutorial to create a diamond tufted headboard.


I’m really quite pleased with the finished product :)



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